My Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle

A behavior change is necessary to pursue and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Routine lifestyle behaviors may not be so easily recognized or in some cases funny as experienced by Steven W. Ambrose’s Personal Reflections of a Historian “To America.” This passage comes from chapter three “Indian Territory.”

Once, sitting with a Sioux man of my age on his porch, I looked at my watch. It was twelve noon. “Time for lunch,” I said and started to get up. He laughed and said, “White man is the only man I know who looks at his watch to see if he is hungry or not.”

For me, I had to make a decision to change my lifestyle, change eating habits and move from sedentary to active exercise. How? Education is my solution to achieve a lifestyle change. First understanding good and bad food consumption and how both impact me. My education and nutrition behavior change began 32 days ago and today I am happy to report a twenty-four pound weight loss.

My journey will cover:

Food and Nutrition Education.
Understanding how my body processes healthy and unhealthy foods.
Learning to make the right food choices to achieve a healthy weight loss.
Explain why a partner with common health goals is important to achieve success.
Practicing patience, exercising determination and struggles.
How to measure weight loss progress and suggested measurement tracking tools.
Implementing exercise.

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