Uber you’re a friend of mine!

When traveling I choose Uber for all ground transportation needs business and personal. Sharing travel experiences are apart of my DNA here’s a Uber experience.

Recently I was kayaking the Trinity River in Dallas, TX and received a phone call from Uber. The driver introduced himself and said I’m in route to pick you up. I began to laugh; my fault (butt dial) alerted Uber my mistake I did not need transportation today. You haven’t heard or tried Uber let me explain.

Uber’s a transportation network company is utilizing mobile apps that connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ride-sharing services. Uber’s simple to join, download the app, complete a profile, and that’s it Uber’s ready.

I’m a fan because of the driver/client communication abilities, driver appearance, and clean vehicles. As a business owner, I prefer to know expenses before purchases. Uber provides fare, tip quotes and estimated wait time before accepting the fare and requesting a driver. I particularly like receiving email receipts and paying without reaching for my wallet.

Transportation safety’s important and Uber gets it right by immediately providing car tag and type, driver’s information name, photo, and phone number now that’s peace of mine.

Uber’s a great transportation service give them a try on your next trip I bet you become fast friends too.




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