Genocide = Hope for the 48 – 59 genocide

Genocide = Hope for the 48 – 59 genocide of American employees.

The genocide of 48 – 59 year old American employees will continue as long as there are employees who fall into this age bracket. In the United States, its legal to execute the deliberate and systematic destruction of this generational group provided we eliminate their positions and offer packages to impacted employees. Of course, this requires employees to sign a binding agreement not to pursue ligation. Corporately severance packages becomes the moral high ground for corporations. Please understate corporations owe nothing to employees and not required to offer packages, this package strategy only provides quicker expense reductions along with minimal legation risk for management.

Hope begins when once employees realize Human Resources will some day will send an invitation to meet and initiate the genocide of your corporate career. So what does hope look like for Americans who fall into this age category? Hope starts with taking steps to prepare for the inevitable destruction of your corporate career. Networking and acting on a dream career is the essential and ideally begins 3 – 5 years before your corporate execution. Hope is becoming compassionate about a cause, a hobby or an organization and getting involved. The goal is to seek happiness and emotional fulfillment from groups or organizations not associated directly with your current career.

The optimal approach to survival is to understand that corporate genocide of the 48-59 group is an opportunity for re-birth. Take full advantage of what life has and set a course for happiness. Become a business owner or consultant, take charge of your own destiny. Release the corporate political stress and say…”free at last…free at last…thank GOD almighty…i’m free at last!

This message is just the beginning of an essay for 48-59 age group! God Bless and remember you are not alone…do not be afraid!

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