Unemployed? Nothing will be handed to you! Develop a strategy that will help you find the right job?

Developing goals, staying to task, and find a accountability partner.

Networking is the KEY!  Join networking groups within a 20 mile radius of your home and become active attender.  A good place to start is “meet up.com”  or just simply google networking groups within your community.  When I began attending networking groups, I did everything wrong beginning on day one.   The only information I shared with fellow networkers was about me, what I wanted and can you help me.  Well,  I became a direct marketer instead of a networker, a networker has something to share such as information on jobs and events that may not fit your goals, but may help others.

Social networking:  LinkedIn is the most powerful, yet under utilized tool in the recruiting and networking market today.  If you have an account make the necessary updates to achieve a complete profile.  If you need help locate experts who will show you how to enhance your linkedIn profile and how to network.

Find new paths and avoid worn out options.  Reviewing newspaper ads and online postings will have you competing with hundreds, maybe thousands,  of people for the same job openings.

Get out of the house!  Attend professional and association meetings in your field.  Ask others for information, not jobs.  Let people know what you are looking for.

Be you, not someone you are not!  No time to pretend, have an accurate self-perception of your talents and your market worth.

Know you landscape.  Do not waste your time in depressed areas or industries that have nothing to give.

Become an entrepreneur.  If you are not finding the perfect job, then create one.

Remember!  Be polite, have a thank you strategy for those who help you.

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