Adapt if you want to be a successful (happier) traveler

When should you fly?  Off peak days (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday) means lower fares, less crowded cabins and greater chance for upgrades.

When should I buy airline tickets?  Tuesdays are the best day…many experts say between noon and 3:00 pm, others say closer to midnight on Tuesday.  Consensus  is Tuesday noon and later.

Stay over Sundays.  Change your travel behavior, choose late Friday departures and Tuesday returns.  Better room rates and upgrades are available when you adapt new travel patterns.

Carry credit cards that earn you elite status.  Take advantage of hotel and airline credit cards many improve your status and offer perks such as free club access and exclusive booking deals.

Find the right travel agencies.  If you use a travel agent for your bookings, do some research, determine who the top producers are in the industry, high volume travel agencies may provide additional perks at resorts such as room upgrades, complimentary meals, transfers, parking, etc.



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