George Strait is more than the “King of Country Music”

George Strait recently announced a two year farewell tour beginning January 2013 and devoted fans like me will be there to hear and see the King one more time.

King George is more than the best country artist to me, he also responsible for the introduction of Jean Carol Pittman to me.

The fall of 1985 was an exciting time for me and I was blessed with so many close friends who looked out for me and kept me very busy week in and week out. The State Fair of Texas was about to open and George Strait and his Ace in the Hole band was schedule to play. I asked Rhonda Jones to attend the concert with me and with no hesitation she said yes.

My life forever began to change on Friday, October 11, 1985. Rhonda lived in apartment 1028 at Woodhill apartments in Denton, Texas. I arrived mid afternoon and knocked, Rhonda opened the door and I stepped inside and she introduced me to her new room mate, Jean Carol Pittman, who was in the recliner studying for a graduate class exam. It was a brief acknowledgement and yet a lasting impression. So Rhonda and I went off to State Fair and the concert.

In less than a week Jean Carol and I started dating and the rest is a colorful history.

The song “Something special to me” was released in !985.

As I hold you close tonight
Hear what I say
There’s no doubt it’s love alright
‘Cause I never felt this way

An angel’s what you are
And now I see
You’re not just some one else
You’re something special to me

Every man, has a dream
And you made mine come true
How it happened, I don’t know or care
I’m just happy I found you

Wrapped in the arms of love
Is where I’ll be
For all the world to see
You’re something special to me

It’s all such a mystery
You’re something special to me

Jeannie you are still something special to me!

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