Recruiting, Job Seeking, and American Idol

I simply love recruiting because it’s about helping people find meaningful work.  So many people want to improve their financial situation and most try really hard to make good impressions.  But I am starting to see trend in the underemployed and unemployed job seekers who have been looking for employment for 10 months and longer.  Many job seekers seem to be going through the networking motions and sort of numb to the whole employer/job seeker engagement process.   Trends that I am observing include:

  • Poorly dressed.
  • Little to no eye contact with employers.
  • By passing hundreds of employer booths without an acknowledgement of their existence.
  • Attending career fairs without resumes or only having one resume version.
  • Inability or the lack of desire to dig deep into conversations to explore all opportunities available from companies.
  • Little to no networking skills

The solution is to have trusted advisors who are honest with you about your recruiting strategy, skills, and to boost your  confidence level.  So get your own American Idol Judges whose sole purpose is to help you obtain gainful employment.  For example:

Simon – Brutally honest and provides feedback to make you a better job seeker.

Paula – Who is sweet and focuses on the positive skills and strengths.

Randy – Provides the balance.

Your American idols should motivate you to be your best, look your best, and provide accountability.  These judges also should pick you up when you down and provide uplifting support to keep you on track.

Looking for work?  Get your own American Idol judges to assist you make a successful transition to gainful employment

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