American Airlines Woes

I’m one of those elite American Airlines customers who still flies American regularly. Personally I have not been Impacted by the recent cancellations and service problems of the airline.

The pilots may have legit grievances with corporate, I simply do not care. I do not want their problems to become my problems. Somehow both sides need to keep their customers from being impacted by stall tactics. Pilots and their unions should not insult the consumers intelligence about the recent fury of mechanical stall tactics. A time will come when we walk away and never come back.

Business travelers who lose business as result of deliberate tactics will be gone. Customers who miss the vacation of a lifetime due to these actions will never come back. Families who miss wedding, births, and funerals will never comeback and so on.

Take it to the bank we will leave once our travel is severely impacted. During 9/11 the US government had a flight moratorium which directly impacted me and a meeting that I had contracted at Barton Creek located In southwest Austin. During this time period almost 100% of the hoteliers were allowing contact changes under the circumstances. Barton Creek fell into the 1% who did not. As a result of their refusal to allow a rebooking without penalty we paid our contract obligation and we never returned to the resort. I will never step foot on their property again.

There’s allot of folks like me who follow the old saying “hurt me once shame on you, hurt me twice shame on me”.

Wake up pilots and corporate officers you are hurting my friends who work at American and ultimately yourselves. Keep this up and you’ll be unemployed or underemployed.

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