My Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle

A behavior change is necessary to pursue and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Routine lifestyle behaviors may not be so easily recognized or in some cases funny as experienced by Steven W. Ambrose’s Personal Reflections of a Historian “To America.” This passage comes from chapter three “Indian Territory.”

Once, sitting with a Sioux man of my age on his porch, I looked at my watch. It was twelve noon. “Time for lunch,” I said and started to get up. He laughed and said, “White man is the only man I know who looks at his watch to see if he is hungry or not.”

For me, I had to make a decision to change my lifestyle, change eating habits and move from sedentary to active exercise. How? Education is my solution to achieve a lifestyle change. First understanding good and bad food consumption and how both impact me. My education and nutrition behavior change began 32 days ago and today I am happy to report a twenty-four pound weight loss.

My journey will cover:

Food and Nutrition Education.
Understanding how my body processes healthy and unhealthy foods.
Learning to make the right food choices to achieve a healthy weight loss.
Explain why a partner with common health goals is important to achieve success.
Practicing patience, exercising determination and struggles.
How to measure weight loss progress and suggested measurement tracking tools.
Implementing exercise.

Mexico, a Great Destination

Mexico consistently offers outstanding destinations; it’s a great value for incentives, families, and couple getaways. Mexico, our southern neighbor, simply offers great service and the most friendly Mexicans who work hard to create happy guest experiences.

As a frequent traveler to Mexico, I want to share an example of why Mexico stays atop of my travel list.

“Hola Mark,

Just to confirm we have everything ready for your arrival tomorrow.

Arrival Scenario:

What to expect at the Airport:

Upon arrival at Cancun airport, you will pass through immigration and present the Mexican immigration agent with your tourist card and your passport.

You will then claim your luggage and proceed through Customs to declare any goods.

You will press a button on a light resembling a traffic signal. A green light means that your bags will pass through without inspection. A red light means that your bags will be inspected.

After passing customs, please keep walking to the outside of the airport building and disregard all people trying to sell transportation and time share.

IVI DMC2 staff will welcome you outside with a large welcome sign. The uniforms of your IVI DMC2 staff are turquoise blue shirts, white slacks, and a big smile.

Let me know if you have any questions


Traveling is important take time to research and develop a detailed itinerary and choose Destination Management Company’s (DMC). DMC’s create hassle-free travel experiences. In Mexico, many experienced DMC’s are ready to assist with incentive or family travel don’t leave home without a good DMC. Recently IVI Cancun DMC took good care of me.

Uber you’re a friend of mine!

When traveling I choose Uber for all ground transportation needs business and personal. Sharing travel experiences are apart of my DNA here’s a Uber experience.

Recently I was kayaking the Trinity River in Dallas, TX and received a phone call from Uber. The driver introduced himself and said I’m in route to pick you up. I began to laugh; my fault (butt dial) alerted Uber my mistake I did not need transportation today. You haven’t heard or tried Uber let me explain.

Uber’s a transportation network company is utilizing mobile apps that connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and ride-sharing services. Uber’s simple to join, download the app, complete a profile, and that’s it Uber’s ready.

I’m a fan because of the driver/client communication abilities, driver appearance, and clean vehicles. As a business owner, I prefer to know expenses before purchases. Uber provides fare, tip quotes and estimated wait time before accepting the fare and requesting a driver. I particularly like receiving email receipts and paying without reaching for my wallet.

Transportation safety’s important and Uber gets it right by immediately providing car tag and type, driver’s information name, photo, and phone number now that’s peace of mine.

Uber’s a great transportation service give them a try on your next trip I bet you become fast friends too.




Accountability to drive policital change belongs to all citizens, Millennials to Baby Boomers, and the Greatest Generation.


Recently finished a study of John Adams, second president of the United States. President Adams was a great man and patriot, a catalyst for change and one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The signers (patriots, colony representatives) took office to create a republic for all colonist regardless of risk of imprisonment, bankruptcy, or death. Thirty out of 56 signers “paid the price” with death and personal tragedies.

Every four years we elect a president, every two years, senators and representatives to Congress with the purpose follow the “will” of the people they represent. This fall we have an election and maybe, just maybe we should ask candidates “the price they are willing to pay” to represent us in Congress.

Our republic needs candidates who promote change, possess courage, and willing to be patriots and willing to risk everything for the county.

Personally I believe that most 50+ aged citizens are not willing or capable to vote for change much less demand patriots run for an office and expect a commitment to “pay the price” maybe there are no patriots left willing to make the sacrifice is that it? As for me I am placing my hope on millennials to fix up the mess Baby Boomer + groups created and stubbornly unwilling to change. Our hope relies on supporting the millennials to save us from our demise. Seek out and encourage younger generations to become the patriots we so desperately need to lead this great country now, not later.

Las Vegas, a few of my favorite things..

Its was family vacation 1974 a driving trip from Dallas to Los Angeles our route included a Hoover Dam tour and drive down the famous strip in Las Vegas. I was excited to see the casinos and vividly remember driving by Caesars Palace and imaged how cool it would be to stay at the resort. As a child, we booked motor court motels needless to say Caesars has a magical appearance nothing like family vacation motor courts.

Fast forward to 2014, I finally booked a personal stay at Caesars Palace and my experience well its phenomenal. Our room located in Caesar’s Palace Augustus Tower with views The Bellagio and of the northern mountains.  While onsite we enjoyed The Diamond Club lounge a oasis to relax with food & beverage menu options complementary to elite membership. 

In the hospitality world magnificent buildings and superstar chefs and entertainment are esstential but its great friendly staff, professional, and attentive staff that keeps Caesars Palace a Vegas legend and a must-stay resort I simply waited too long to stay, but will become a regular from this stay forward.